Acrylic box: Special Booth Reservations.

Due to covid, there came a lot of speculations and changes in terms and conditions regarding the functioning of places like restaurants, supermarkets, offices, and other such areas which were to be functioning in the outside world.

There was a major shutdown imposed for a long time, and consecutive lockdowns were ordered which made it difficult for businesses to operate therefore when it came to resuming the same businesses post-pandemic, customer safety also became a mandatory aspect to be covered religiously along with customer satisfaction.

The new set of rules and regulations made it clear that people had to wear masks at all times whenever they stepped out of their houses for work or enjoyment, and sanitization was also a compulsion, but these rules were not fully revised for places like restaurants since you can not eat your food with the masks on.

That is when acrylic sheets as dividers and acrylic box Singapore came into the picture.

These were the new age safety barriers and precautionary measures that were adopted by not only restaurants but also the offices and other such crowd gathering places that had possibilities of holding public seatings.

acrylic box Singapore

What is an acrylic box?

An acrylic box is a type of acrylic sheet that is used to set boundaries on a table that is meant to be shared by a set of people. Since the virus is said to have propagated from the air while talking, you can contract it by just talking to somebody or breathing the same air as them. Hence, this acrylic box Singapore provided the safety barrier which was needed to maintain the social distance between people.

This barrier provided safety from the uncalled sneezes or coughing which may or may not be covered or other such uncalled activities which aren’t exactly under our control and can cause great damage.